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May Specials - Toddler Time!

Take advantage of your freedom from not having to stick to school holidays whilst you can!

The pound is strong and the travel is cheap - now is the time to come to France with your toddler.

Average temperature in May is 19 degrees with up to 6 hours of sunshine per day.

Easy travel links from Stansted and Portsmouth


Tell us what you want from you holiday, in May we can be flexible with all of the following.


* Big discounts available


 * You can choose your dates and how long you stay with us. 


 * We would be happy to help you plan your travel arrangements


 * Anything and everything that you need for your toddler is here


 * Navigate our site, read the reviews and get in contact - we are here to help!



Watch wonkycam to find out more!

Happy children make happy parents.Happy children make happy parents.



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