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3 Quality Child-friendly Gites Situated In The Poitou Charente.

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Six years experience has taught us that happy children equals happy parents!

It's not rocket science - but boy is it true and here at Lac de Maison we try our best to ensure that both parents and children get to have a great holiday!

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Modern life means that maybe you don't get to see and spend as much quality time with your children as a family as you would like, but you also need a little holiday me-time as well.

With babies and young toddlers that barely give you a moments rest we offer services such as babysitting, pampering and home cooked meals so that you can have a little time to yourself and be waited on for a change. We also provide all the baby and toddler equipment, toys and entertainment that you could wish for - so much less luggage for you to bring!

Families with children of junior school age and older will find that their children will make new friends and play happily in the barn or the safely enclosed garden for hours on end allowing you to relax, read a book, sunbathe or have a glass of wine in the knowledge that they are as safe and occupied as they can be and you can get some time to yourself, and when they come back to you there are many fun things to do as a family such as spending time in the pool or playing ball games.

WARNING - bedtimes tend to go out of the window (who wants to go to bed when the sun is still up and there are friends to play with!) though on the plus side due to well exercised children prepare to experience lie-ins once more!

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